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S'impliquer c'est GÉANT

S'impliquer c'est GÉANT

In collaboration with artist Patman Design, LE GÉANT DU CONTENEUR weighed in on the public debate surrounding violence. On a 40-yard container, the artist expressed his views on two subjects that have been making headlines recently: femicide and racism.


One year after the tragic death of George Floyd in the United States (May 25, 2020), it’s crucial to continue the fight against violence and injustice. In an interview with Global News, artist Patman Design said: “I can fix maybe some parts of the society we’re in, and maybe shake up the people that need shaking up.”


This partnership with the artist has led to some interesting discussions and productive exchanges. “It’s shameful that these topics should even be up for debate, but I think we have no choice but to talk about them,” said Gabrielle Fortier. “It’s important for our company to take a public stand against racism, sexism, and violence. We won’t tolerate them at work or in our everyday lives.”


LE GÉANT DU CONTENEUR has chosen to display the artwork in front of its administrative offices in Châteauguay and encourages anyone who takes photos to share them on their social media accounts.


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