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Service aux entreprises du Géant du conteneur
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Services for companies

Le Géant du conteneur has several formats of waste and recycling containers, or a 60-40 container (recycling and waste) available for permanent rental. We also offer semi-buried containers and compactors.

Waste and recycling containers

Waste containers Containers for recycling Variable size containers

We offer waste and recycling containers in various formats. 8 yards normal, 8 yards low profile, 6, 4 and 2 yards.

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Variable size containers 10 14 20 40 Yards

We offer containers of various formats for construction. 40 yards, 20 yards, 14 and 10 yards.

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A durable and attractive choice, ideal for businesses and industries, government buildings, parks and public spaces, residential complexes and much more.

offers a semi-underground container that works well in any space. This container comes in a variety of colours and surfaces: it’s easy to match with your environment. It maximizes space, because it has 3 to 4 times the capacity of an above-ground container that takes up the same surface area.

Trash is also kept at a lower temperature on average, which limits bad odours and bacterial growth.

Total capacity: 6200 litres.

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Waste - EarthBin


79" (LENGTH) X 79" (WIDTH) X 52" (HEIGHT)


The EarthBin, a sustainable and esthetic choice, is ideal for businesses, industries, government buildings, parks, public areas, residential complexes and a lot more. Some digging necessary.

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Permanent waste compactors

Compactors allow you to compact your waste, residual and recyclable materials on site, making them easier to manage.

We offer self-contained, stationary or vertical compactors. A compactor reduces your residual material transportation costs.

Our team is here to help you figure out which compactors will best meet your needs.

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The compactor allows you to compact your waste, residual and recyclable materials on your site, thus facilitating their management. Several sizes are available.

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Manual waste collection

Restaurant - Shops - Companies

Pick-up service for all your waste, in a bin or in a container directly on your premises.

Contact us and our employees will take care of the rest.

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